Hand & Foot Care

A journey of a thousand miles starts from beneath one’s feet.Our hands and feet deserve the same care and attention that the rest of our body receives. Treat them to the most luxurious manicures and pedicures available.

Luxury Spa Pedicure (Recommended for dry feet) $45 

Our signature treatment is the most pampering and beautifying treatment your feet have ever received. Includes paraffin treatment, healing treatment, sea salt glow exfoliation and aromatherapy massage

V.I.P Pedicure (Recommend for swollen, stressed, dehydrated feet) $55 

This unique pedicure designed to improve skin complexion, stress relief and others. First. We soak your feet in natural sea salt. Next, your feet exfoliated with salt, quartz or sugar scrubs. After feet have rinsed the cuticle & nails are trimmed. Then feet are massage with cream, skin serum, or oil. Finally an appropriate masque applied accordingly based on skin types.

Classic Pedicure $38 

Nails and cuticles are trimmed. Cuticle treatment. Nail shaping. Exfoliation and massage.

Foot Detox Treatment - New New New $25 

Add on a 20-minute feet detox to your pedicure with our detox mask that includes a blend of citrus uranium amara peel, artemisia absinthium, magnesium sulfate and phellodendron-amurense bark with will soothe and refresh your skin, distress and hydrate your skin, smooth and renew your skin while helping it detox naturally.

Classic Manicure $23 

Nails and cuticles are trimmed. Cuticle treatment. Nail shaping. Exfoliation and massage. Finished with your choice of lacquer

Luxury Spa Manicure (Recommended for dry hands) $30 

Our signature treatment is the most pampering and beautifying treatments your hands have ever received. Includes soaking your hands in paraffin treatment, salt glow exfoliation, and aromatherapy massage.

Papaza Anti-aging revitalizing hand facials (Recommended for brown spots, wrinkles & dehydrated hands) $35 

Includes the papaya green tea sanitizing soak. Papaya green tea cuticle revitalizing complex. Grape seed oils massage. Forte's nails strengtheners and papaya green tea hand protection lotion. This treatment utilizes the soothing and hydrating powers of papaya. The Cuccio natural papaya anti-aging revitalizing hand facials help reduce the aging signs on hands.

Shellac Manicure  

(collagen glove including during the manicure .collagen have the power to protect your hands from the gel machine light. Also boost new cells reduce the looks of wrinkle , help restore skin elasticity and moisture )

Shellac Manicure with Collagen gloves treatment $53 

Shellac Manicure with Collagen Gloves with redo $55 


Enjoy a relaxing hot stone massage $10 

Treat yourself to a seaweed leg mask $20 


Hydration, Exfoliation, Soothing-Hands/Feet $10 

Refreshing facial (extraction not included) $45 

While pampering your hands and feet, experience a refreshing facial with will include a cleansing mask and facial massage

30 minute body massage $45 

10-15 minute back/face/shoulder/hands/feet/leg $10 -$15


Let Them Wear Sandal

Illness or injury has left your toenails deformed or missing. We have discovered ways to sculpt your toenails by using gel, acrylics or tips. Options that allow you to wear your sandals again. Runners with thick, awkward and ridged toes and good candidates as well as women who simply have ugly toenails and will not wear sandals

Tips for a Great Manicure and Pedicure Experience:

- Arrive 5 or 10 minutes early to use the restroom. Have a tea and choose your nail polish color.

- We recommend cuticles be pushed back, loose skin or hangnails only be trimmed. They should never be cut.

- Bring open-toed shoes for your pedicure.

- Fully take the time to relax by turning off your cellular phone.

- Reserve at least 15 minutes after your service to let your nails dry completely.

- For a long-lasting polish, apply a topcoat on your nails even 2-3 days after your service.

- For alternative nails enhancement: to maintain fresh-look and to prevent nails from getting infected, reschedule an appointment 2 weeks later.



Forehead/Hairline $15 -$20

Eyebrow Design $20 

Eyebrow Maintenance $18 

Eyebrow Tweezing $19 

Upper Lip $9 

Chin $15 -$20

Full Face (eyebrows not included) $39 

Cheeks/Sideburns $15 

Brows/Lip/Chin $35 


Neckline $15 -$20

Underarms $17 

Back/Shoulders $50 -$60

Hands/Feet $10 -$15

Lower/Upper Leg including Knees $40 

Full Leg $70 

Traditional Bikini Line $30 -$40

Brazilian $40 -$55

Abdominal $30 -$40

Toe/Finger $3 each

Arms $50 

Half Arm $30 

Men's Brazilian $60 -$70

Alternative Nails Enhancement

Special!! Let them wear sandal again. Options for Correction and Extending deformed toenails by using acrylic or gel product to create or enhance toenails.
Runners with thick, awkward, ridges toenails are good Candidates as well as women who simply have ugly
Toenails and won't wear sandals. ------10 each

Gel Color Brand: Shellac, OPI & Etc

Gel color w/Classic Mani $38 

Gel Take-off and redo w/Classic Mani $40 

French Gel / Redo $40 / $45

Gel color w/Classic Pedi $55 - $60

Gel Color Polish Change Hands/Toes $25 - $30

Shellac Manicure with Collagen gloves treatment $53 

Shellac Manicure with Collagen Gloves with redo $55 

Liquid Gel

Tips Overlay $50 - $60

Two Tones Full-Set $55 - $65

Natural Nails Overlay $45 - $55

Refill $45 - $55

Nail Repair/ Replace/ Designs $5 - $10 & up (each)


Paraffin Treatment $10 

Collagen Treatment $20 

Detox Treatment $25 

Polish Change

Hands or Feet $13 / $15

French Polish - Hands/Toes $16 / $18

Shellac Gel Color Take-off $15 - $20

Acrylic/ Hard Gel Take Off $20 - $25

Hair Salon


Women $45 -$80

Men $40 -$60

Children $30 -$45


Single Process $75 -$90

Single Process Touch Up $70 -$90

Partial Highlight $110 -$165 & up

Full Highlight $140 -$170 & up

Color Correction  By Consultation

Blow dry & style is not included with the hair cut or color service


Shampoo & Style $40 & up

(Flat Iron & Curling Iron Works Additional)  $10 & up

Wedding Up-do  By Consultation


Biolage Cera-Repair Treatment $35 & up

With Blow Dry And Style $45 & up

Keratin Treatment (Coppola) $350 & up

Eye Lashes Extensions

Save Time! There’s really no denying that when it comes to making our eyes pop and your overall look shine, longer, thicker eyelashes really can make a huge difference. And because you wake up like this your morning routine is quick and easy.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.”

Refill Guide Policies :

Everyone has different Lash Cycle & Retention Rate. Lifestyle and maintenance, so please try to book your refills accordingly.

Classic Set/ Volume Set

Mini Refill -80% or more lashes on/or around 2 weeks

Half Refill – 60% or more lashes on/or around 3 weeks

Full Refill- 40% or more lashes on/or around 4 weeks

No refills from other place or $20 removal

No Refills after 4 weeks or less than 30% left or considered a Full new set

Recommended new set after 4 refills appts.

Fullset Classic Light $150 

Refills Classic Light $55 - $110

Fullset Classic $180 

Refills Classic $70 - $120

Fullset Magic 2D-5d Volume $190 - $250

Refills Magic 2D-5d Volume $100 - $160

Lashes Removal $20 

Included: Free Style consultation on Style, Curve, length, Patch Test