Permanent Make-Up

Saline tattoo Lightening (color/Shape Correction) $150 

If you have old permanent make-up or tattooing that needs color shape correction. Multiple sessions may require depending on the level of pigment saturation.


Microbladding and Microshading are semi-permanent solutions to sparse, over-tweezed, over waxed and thinning eyebrows. These are procedures are ideal fro covering scar and gaps defining shape, creating an arch and adding density.

Microbladding $475 

Microbladding us done with fine needles to create individual hair strokes for very natural effects. These needles only reach into superficial layers of the skin, which is what makes the method semi-permanent. This procedure is great for both men and women. Includes initial procedures and 8 weeks follow-up perfect session.

Miroshading/Powder/Ombre Brows $500 

Microshading (also known as ombre or powder brows) is done using either a manual tool or machine. This creates a soft, filled in effect that resembles eyebrow powder. Instead of the hair stroke typical with microbladding, micro shading employs a stipping method which uses repetitive dots of pigment. The overall effect is a more ‘made-up” defined brow. Includes initial procedure and 8-week follow-up perfect session.

Blade & Shade Combo Brows $525 

Some people benefit from a combo of microbladding and micro shading, especially those with very little eyebrow hair. Thinning brows can benefit from the extra oomph of shading. Includes initial procedure and 8-week follow-up perfection session

Color Boost, 12-24 Months $225 

For the client who has had microbladding, micro shading or combo brows did at Charisma with the previous 12-24 months.

Eyelash Enhancement

Perfect for those that want the appearance of the ultra-thick lashes. This procedures deposit pigment between the lashes to create a lush, full look.

Upper & Lower Lash enhancement $500 

Includes initial procedure and 8 weeks follow-up perfecting session

Defined Eyeliner

Be done with eyeliner that smears and runs! This procedure will save you time and stay put through a workout and long days.

Upper Eyeliner $450 

Thick or thin with wings or without Includes initial procedure and 8 weeks follow up perfecting session.

Upper and Lower Eyeliner $600 

Includes initial procedure and 8 weeks follow-up perfect session


Lip blushing to restore, enhance or even out coloring. Many shades of lip pigment are available to choose from and custom color can be blended based on your preference and skin tone.

Lip Blush $450 

Subtly enhance your natural lips with a blush of color that lasts up to three years. Includes initial procedure and 8-week follow-up perfecting session

Ombre Lips  

Full lips blushing using shades of the same color to create a dark to light ombre look. This procedure has added the benefit of creating fuller-looking lips. Includes initial procedure and 8 weeks follow up perfecting session

**** If you have ever had cold sores or fever blister on the lips, you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before lip pigmentation to avoid triggering an outbreak. The physician usually recommend taking the antiviral medication three days pre and post-procedure.*****